Ragucci Snowdolls


 A  more loving cat you would never find,
They are great indoor cats and give an
endless supply of love and affection.
If you want a lap cat, then a ragdoll
is the cat for you!
In a ragdoll you get a large stunning cat
with a beautiful coat. Large mesmerising
blue eyes, and  a calm laid back personality.
A ragdolls medium to long haired coat has
a plush, silky, mat-resistant texture that
doesn't require daily grooming,
(once weekly is fine)
They are easy going and amiable around
children and dogs, and they seem to adapt
readily to changes in their surroundings.
Quiet and  Carm yet Active and Playful!
They prefer interactive play with their humans.
Ragdolls thrive on human companionship
and usually develope strong attachments
to their owners.
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