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Hi Jo,

Just to let you know both kittens are Fabulous! and up to now very different.

They seem to have settled in ok after their car journey, Shadow has explored the whole house,

been toilet, played with all his new toys and eaten tea, Sassy has basically slept on whoevers knee

can grab and generally been a little sweetheart!!

They seem to enjoy being together and Sassy has been washing Shadow.

I think they're both going to rule the roost! They're both so very beautiful and have lovely little characters!

Have enclosed you a few photos,



Just to let you know we're so delighted with Sassy and Shadow....

We couldn't have wished for two lovelier additions to the family....

They're both so loving and floppy and playful.

They're great mates, always ambushing each other...and playing hide and seek...

tho Sassy still has the upper hand...where one kitten is the other one is always not far behind.

Sassy is so loyal already, she follows us all around the house. Shes the little clown, always making us laugh with the silly things, she gets up to. She's a total piglet, is loving the biscuits and fish and


chicken. She's a real diva, quite the little madam!

Shadow is growing already, i'm sure he's twice the size in only 2 weeks! He's a proper little lion,

very gentle with huge paws and very soppy. They both sleep with amanda on her bed. they're very good, if one wakes up they settle each other down again. Were making them a cat flap into the conservatory, so they can sit in the sun and watch the birds, but they're also having walks around the garden on their harnesses.


They've even been on trips out to visit amanda's friends, everyone loves them.




They're both in very good health, Shadow does cry if he loses Sassy or us, he's such a baby! :)

It's so funny if Sassy hears him cry she runs to find him. 

I just thought you'd like to know what a brilliant job you did with these kittens, they're just Adorable!!

Have enclosed more photo's. 

Cinda x


Hi-ya Jo,

Just to let you know Sassy and Shadow are doing great, they're both adorable, in lots of funny little ways.

We can't believe how huge they're growing, they're doing so well.

Shadow continues to be vocal, crying if he's lost sight of us or Sassy, and Sassy is still a bossy little boots.

She copies everything we do and watches every move we make.

We call Shadow our little cotton wool ball, he is so beautiful and clumsy, he's fallen off the chair the bed,

out of his basket and even down the stairs, he's hopeless! :)

They're both still having trips around the garden, loving the snow, love the feel of the grass under their feet.

Sassy is so elegant and very clever. She always works out how to do anything new and then Shadow copies :)

We're lookin forward to Christmas, we're taking them with us to spend the day with my family,



I'm sure Santa will be paying them a visit too! Sassys favourite game is to climb up the middle of the christmas tree and pop her head through the branches like a little cream bauble, she can't understand why we laugh at her but she looks so amusing.

Have enclosed more photos

Hope you have a good christmas. 


Just to let you know Sassy and Shadow had their Operations today and i'll put the vets confirmation in the post for you.

Everything went well... Shadow is looking quite confused and is being a real shadow! since he came back... and Sassy hasn't really woken up properly yet, I don't think he can understand why she won't play with him! He keeps taking toys into the basket to her, it's so funny... hopefully she will be better later this evening... They saw a dog at the vets, and their eyes were as big as saucers :) We've started a small website for them... but we're still learning the basic's, you'l have to take a look at it.



Hi-ya.... thanks for looking at the website.... It's lovely to have two such famous kittens. lol.

I hope all their brothers and sisters from the same litter, are doing ok... I have noticed you have some new kittens on your website... which i've had to ban Amanda from looking at.... she just fall's in love with all of them.

It's so nice how everyone who has met sassy and shadow thinks they're such wonderful cats and have mostly never heard of the ragdoll breed. 

Shadow is fine now after his op... bounced back to normal within a day... Sassy had to go back to the vets yesterday for some more pain relief as she had gone very listless, i think she had just tried to keep up with Shadow and overdone it.

Pawscha and Eclipse are such Beautiful cats....

It's like having two miniature one's here :)

Just to let you know the Pink registration slips for the kittens as arrived safely... Thank you.

Sassy went vets again today, she's got a bit of a lump on her scar, they've drained it.... they think she's looking very well tho, and just a check up in a weeks time.




Hi-ya Jo, 

Just to let you know Sassy has been discharged from the vets... she went for the last time on saturday and they're very pleased with her. 

She's doing wonderfully now... she's just had a mad half hour whereshe raced to the top of the blinds in the conservatory and then jumped back down before i could catch her, and Shadow is just watching her, looking very confused :) 


We call him Mr Confused Head, cos when he doesn't quite understand somethin he sits there with an Adorable expression on his face and you can see him trying to work things out :)

That made us laugh with the sausage... she did somethin similar here on christmas day... One of their presents were some Ostrich stick treats and we took one out of the pack n we were just about to break it so they could have half each and she just grabbed it and ran off.... Poor old Shadow couldn't get anywhere near it she was growling like a tiger... she went feral, lol until she'd eaten it. I've never seem them argue over food before or since...Theyre usually very polite taking it in turns from their bowls. They've both been outside quite abit for walks around the garden... Infact they're mad for playtime outside... we're having to be really careful everytimewe open an outside door. They're soo quick!





Hiya Jo,

Just to let you know Sassy and Shadow are doing really well... they're loving the garden... Shadow is quite brave now and has explored every inch of the garden and he plays golf now with Kev for ages... Catching the golf balls while Kev chips to him... it's so funny.... Sassy is still being a princess! The grass is far to uncomfortable to walk on, so she has to have her basket taken outside so she can sit in it and watch Shadow clowning around.... They're still the best of friends.... they spend every minute together, Sassy is quite beautiful..... She i s reallyblossoming!!





I just wanted to ask you what food do you recommend we give them now they're older? They're still on Royal canin 36, which says it's suitable for up to 12 months of age, what would you suggest we feed them after?

Pics enclosed.

Thanks x 

Hiya Jo
Thanks for your birthday wishes, Sassy and Shadow are having a wonderful day...theyve had lots of lovely birthday treats
and presents... and cuddles. At the moment they're playing in the sun on the hammock in the garden. They love it.. Sassy lies on the
hammock like a little pudding and Shadow likes to creep up and jump on her.. Their personalities have changed completely. Sassy is the placid one now,
shes very beautiful and she knows it, she likes to be carried around in our arms, lazy little thing lol.. and Shadow is the cheeky naughty one, always getting into scrapes, getting trapped in cupboards and climbing trees. Sassy thinks hes a fool lol and shes right. Hes lost all his timidness of strange sounds and people. Hes basically a nutter lol but still very loveable...always being our little Shadow and following us around wanting cuddles. I'll send you some new photos this week. Hope youre all ok xx


Sassy and Shadow had a wonderful birthday, and so many presents...

they had new harnesses for the garden black with rhinestones for shadow and pink with rhinestone for Princess Sassy. Her fluffy belly is so fat she'd outgrown her other one...They also had a new ball with feathers some catnip drops and catnip bubbles...which they both have no idea what to do with lol.. and a tray of cat grass for the garden thats supposed to help with furballs if they eat it...which no doubt they will eat it cos theyre always nibbling on somethin out there!
Sassy is very content and pretty, shes so good, and will always play with the new toys then shes not bothered if Shadow plays with all the toys after that. Shes happy just to watch, she loves him very much, and probably thinks that hes a huge nuisance, which he is, but hes so lovable, and crazy and a little nutter.
His favourite trick at the moment is to run up the trunk of the willow tree and then launch himself back onto the lawn from the lowest branches... hes like a flying cat!
hes very cheeky and will hide under the plants so he can leap out at us whenever we pass.
Hes also very noisy and will talk and talk and talk until we do what he wants us to do.
They still have their mad ten minutes where they have a circuit around the living room up the stairs then down and into the kitchen, Sassy will do a few laps then gets bored (or exhausted) :) not sure which lol. We call her our little roly poly.
Then the next time I look at them they're curled up into one ball together, where they'll sleep for england.
Whenever we have a bath or a shower they HAVE to lie down on the bathmat until we're finished, even jumping into the shower if we leave the door open.
Theyre so good at night time, they curl up in bed with amanda for a few hours then they sleep in the kitchen together, they never make a sound, and the first sight u see in a morning is two little paws reaching round the doors. Theyre so affectionate, and very loved
Are you on facebook at all? If so you could add amanda as a friend and get to see all the pictures as they happen.
Hope youre all doin ok and that Eclipse and Pawcha are doing well, manda thought it was so sweet how they sent love on their birthday last week.



Hiya Jo

Just thought I'd send you a few updated pics of our beautiful babies, and to let you know they're both doing really well, and both still adorable little bundles of fluff :)




Hiya Jo

Thanks very much for your Christmas message and photographs they are adorable !!! and so much like our two... everyone loves Eclipses photo... Glad the card arrived in time... The photo shoot pics should have arrived before Christmas but have not arrived so obviously delayed in the post but we will send you some when they come :)
Merry Christmas to you all xx








The photo shoot pictures arrived just in time for Christmas :) hope you had a lovely day x



















Raggucci Mister Jinx



Raggucci Ollie



Gone to live with....Chris & Phil.


Hi Jo,

Just to say a big thank you to you both for bringing Mister Jinx and Ollie to us.

They are the best! Adorable - giving us hours of entertainment.

Settled in really well. Lots of cuddles, instant use of litter box and so good at night.

They settle down together and despite keeping all the rooms open, they don't move until the morning

when we get up around 7, their just so good.

Ollie loves our fish tank and spends ages on the stool patting the outside of the tank,

( much to the amusement of the fish! )

He also loves to carry things around with him in his mouth- his favourite being the feather on

a stick. He carries the feather end and Jinxie pats away at the end of the stick he is dragging.

They are both eating, Adorable, much loved and very happy.

Will remain in touch,

Thanks and Best Wishes

Chistine and Philip.




Continuing to be delighted and entranced with Mister Jinx and Ollie.

They are so good with our grandchildren who adore them. They are getting into big handsome cats.

Both love to carry things around in their mouths - Just like dogs!

They eat well and are so good at night. They cuddle down together and don't disturb us until about

7.30. This means that Ollie comes into our bedroom and meows, then when invited he jumps onto

the bed and nuzzles us both. Jinxie then follows more sleepily.

Sending some pics have taken loads.

Chris, Phil, Ollie and Mister Jinx.


Hello Jo,

I hope that you can open these pictures of our beautiful kittens. 

As you can see, Ollie is set to become a 'Mahut' on his elephant!



He is becoming a big fine cat with a beautiful big neck ruff, and

Mister Jinx he has beautiful markings and a lovely cuddly nature.

Both are eating well and continuing to delight us and our family.

They are just so good with our grandchildren, even when our 2old picks them up!

Best wishes to you both

Chris, Phil, Ollie and Mister Jinx xx






Hi Jo and Jordan,

Ollie and Mister Jinx are Gorgeous!!

Yes, growing. Both now Castrated, will send you the neutering details.

Mister Jinx is actually bigger than Ollie now and is more of a solid cat. Their eyes are piercingly blue, so fluffy and their tails are so bushy! I am still so delighted with them-cuddly and loving. As i speak, Ollie is wrapped around my neck! They are mischeivious, but so gentle and tolerant of the grandchildren. Ollie lets our 10 month old grand daughter pull his ears. If she gets too carried away, he just moves out of range! everyone loves them-especially us.

Will send some more pictures.

Best wishes, Chris and Phil.



Hi Jo and Jordan,

I have sent pictures- one of the kitties when they found their way into a clothes drawer! They now go into the garden under supervision and they are very good. We do use their harnesses and they both walk quite well in them. However, they do refer to run free! They love chasing the leaves in the wind and playing 'peep po' behind a pile of bricks.

As you remember. Mr Jinx has the most piercing deep blue eyes, Ollie's are softer, but still so beautiful. Mr Jinx loves the little laser light toy and will spend ages chasing the light around. He also LOVES a tape measure and can hear one from miles away! Ollie loves cupboards and everytime one is opened, you can be sure he will be in it.

I can't tell you how much pleasure they give us. I will send another e-mail with pics on.

Enjoy, Chris and Phil.


Hi, lovely to hear from you. Ollie says 'thankyou' for his birthday wish. Today it is Mr Jinx birthday.

They are such a delightful pair of cats and give us so much pleasure. They especially fuss with Phil
and he has never been a massive cat supporter before. He mainly had cats for me,but he absolutely adores these two. I have taught them to respond to a 'clicker' and I can nearly always get them to come toits sound. Mr Jinx is very quick to come because he knows there will be a biscuit waiting for him! Ollie is slower. He likes biscuits but not as much as Jinx. His particular favourite treat is cheese!

In this picture, they are on their climbing frame, waiting for there
bed time treats!

Very best wishes to you both. Let me know when you have another
litter of kittens. I have a few people interested.

Chris and Phil
You have been sent 1 picture.




Hi Both,

Ollie and Mr Jinx were delighted with there Christmas greetings. Thank you.


They delight and amuse us and we love them to bits. Ollie is the inquisitive one and will be found with his head in a watering can, a paper bag, or up a tree. He is also very good at catching mice - which he gives to me with pride! Ollie has all the prime bed spots in every room and he is often found in the comfiest place whilst Jinxie is on the floor.

Mr Jinx is big and furry!


He keeps his brother in check and often washes his face, and gives him a swift cuff if he gets out of order.


Their favourite toy is a glass marble -

they actually have several.

Ollie is a brilliant dribbler whils Mr Jinx is more of a 'whacker' and a tackler.

In the middle of bed, last picture, is our 20month old grand daughter, Millie.

How lovely that you both think of them and keep in touch.

Thank you

Our warmest Christmas wishes to you both.

Chris and Phil xx





Raggucci Charlie



Gone to live with...











Hi Jo,

Just to let you know Charlie is doing fine, he slept most of the way home and is eating,

drinking and using his litter tray fine.



I forgot to ask yesterday, if he has been micochipped.


Many thanks





Hi Jo, 

Charlie is doing well, my other two Ragdolls are quite happily ignoring him,

despite the fact that he happily swipes at my Tommy's tail.

I have had a look through his documentation for registered slip, confirming he is registered at all??

I am unable to find one! I am sure this is just an oversight... but would be grateful if you could provide all the same.


Regards Karen.







Thank you for your reply.

I will be taking him to the vets shortly, so will get him checked over and i will ask about the neutering.

I am not bothered about registering anyway i was just wondering that he has been registered, not that it matters with him being on the non-active register . I am planning on showing him as i believe it is quite unusual to get a long haired ragdoll so am looking forward to that.

regards Karen



Our kitten is well, he is getting on well with the other cats and is very happy, he is being well looked after. 

regards Karen.



No plans to neutering him, as I am moving...

I do not want the pink slip anyway.



I work for a Law firm so if you feel entitled to damages for not having the cat castrated and feel the need to issue proceedings for breach of contract please advise me and i will provide you with details on whom the proceedings should be served upon. I can confirm that i will not be paying any of your legal costs.


As a Contract was Signed Agreeing to get Charlie Neutered at 6 months, 

Charlie's Details Were Given To Our Solicitors....

The Outcome Was,  

Charlie Was Neutered!! And Checked!!




 Raggucci Chocolat Simba






Gone to live with...

Elisia & Richard




Raggucci Blu Toulouse






Hi there,

Just to let you know, the kittens did very well in the car... i don't think they even noticed... Bless! Well they had a good look round when we got them inside, used the litter tray, no problems!! had a bite to eat and then decided to have a mad half hour around the place... soo funny to watch. When they settled down they just wanted to sleep on our laps!!

We are so happy with them, thank you so much for letting us have them!! We are so excited and so glad that we got both of them together!! They have been following each other everywhere, they are very playful... love the chasing ball toy that you gave them... thank you.

We will have them sleeping with us tonight :)

Will let you know how they have settled in a couple of days.

Elisia & Richard. xxxx


Hiya, they are doing great, soo confident!!

They were chasing the hover this morning, so funny!! They are both so loving, Simba loves to get on your lap and he aways pads on us with his little feet, he loves to lick my fingers, so cute!! Toulouse is a real lap cat and he loves his kisses, they are both sooo Adorable!!! We just love them to bits, and they are so like their mummy... soo floppy!! and if you throw the tin foil balls they will fetch them like their mummy and bring them back to you, lol.

As you know we are going away this weekend for a few days, i can't wait to see their faces and their mummies when we bring them back to you, will be interesting to see if they all remember as it would have been over a week.

Well everything is great with them... their health is great, they eat really well... little piglets! they've been brilliant with the litter tray and are just not fazed by anything!! We had that party i told you about, and they loved it... all the attention!! and everyone was crazy about them, everyone just loves them to pieces!! :)

Well i'l bring them round on friday, see you all then.

Elisia and Richard. xxxx




Hiya everyone

Thanks again for looking after my babies, funny how all the cats remembered them, was nice to see.

Well i hope you liked the presents. We took them bed last night, as we missed them... Simba loves to sleep on my belly, padding away and Toulouse loves to keep my head warm, they are real purr machines!!


We bought them a few more toys and things from the pet shop today, we got them another bed-climbing frame for the bedroom, as they mainly sleep up here, we got them some more cat treats and cat milk... they love them!!

Well they are used to being spoilt rotten by you, :)

and we love to spoil them too.

Did some chicken for them earlier... you were right, i've never seen them eat so fast!!


Love Elisia & Richard

Lots of kisses from the boys :)






Just thought i would let you know how Simba and Toulouse are doing, well they are inseperable!! they go everywhere together, do everything together and they are such good company for each other, whilst we go out, i'd hate to think if i had just one, he would be all alone when i'm not there and because these kind of cats are very sociable and crave other cats company, it seems cruel one just sitting there all on it's own feeling lonely :( They lie together all snuggled up, so cute! they wash each other all the time... i guess that kind of interaction and closeness is something us humans cannot give them! They really do look out for each other and when one as gone for a wander the other one as noticed he's missing and starts calling him and looking everywhere, the other one hears him and comes running... then they kiss and rub all over each other, they are so loving and affectionate, it is so nice watching them together, playing, chasing each other around and there closeness!!

We love them both so much, they are just Purrr-fect!!!!



Happy Christmas to you all and all the kitties. Just to let you know it all went great at the vets with Simba and Toulouse being neutered. They were very well behaved and were very brave having their operations, they were sleepy for awhile when i got them home, but after a few hours they were back to their old selves again... but not running around as much. They will go back vets in a week, just to be checked.

They both got a cat stocking each off Santa, for being such good kitties and they have been going crazy for the treats and the catnip!! Think i will get some catnip plants for the garden for them.

Anyway i will bring all their neutering papers etc round to you in a few days, I'll bring the kitties so they can say hello :)

See you soon. xxx



Just a quick update to let you know how Simba & Toulouse are getting on...

Well they are doing great... still as close as ever, they are inseperable! They are such beautiful cats and have grown so much, since you last saw them, Toulouse is so funny, he really does remind me of his mummy Tallulah... such character and so floppy!! They are both so funny to watch, we have such fun with them. Simba is a real sweetheart... loves his kisses and cuddles.

They are such spoilt little boys, we are always buying something new for them... can't resist!!

They love the garden now the weather is warmer... love chasing the birds :) I have some catnip plants in the garden and they gSimba test page 7!o crazy for them... rolling all over them, I will have to buy some more. lol.

Well I hope you are all well and all the raggies.


Love Elisia, Richard, Simba & Toulouse





Well it is Simba and Toulouses first birthday today... can't believe they are one years old already, they are such gorgeous big fluffy cats now, they have changed so much from when we first brought them home... their coats are amazing!!! Just such beautiful cats :)

Well they have had a lovely day today... went for their walks on the harnesses... Toulouse tried to chase this big dog :) When they got in from their walks, I gave them a birthday treat of Tuna... absolutely loved it!! Then they opened their presents lol. I got them a new activity cat centre and some new bowls each plus blankets. They had some dangle toys and mice plus lots of treats, which they love.

Well they've had a great day and are still being pampered and spoilt rotten :)


We love them so much, I really can't imagine life without them now.


Thank you again, for letting us have these beautiful little boys :)


Love Elisia, Richard, Simba & Toulouse






Well I hope you all had a great day... we had a lovely day, the boys have been spoilt rotten again... I love having an excuse so I can buy them things :)

Well they have had new beds each and a christmas scratch post... they love that. Simba had a santa claus dangly toy and Toulouse a reindeer one... which he broke within the hour...little rascal, but we did manage yo fix it for him. They got lots of christmas balls and a new mouse chasing game, plus lots of treats :)



Well this his their second christmas with us, I was looking at pics of them at our first christmas together... I can't believe how big and soo fluffy they have got... they look so different! so stunning!

Well I hope you have a great new year, We will probably come up after the new year with kitties :)

Happy New Year!!

Love Elisia, Richard, Simba & Toulouse xxx


















Raggucci Ashik






Gone to live with... Alicja & Ben



Hi Joanne

Just wanted to let you know that kittens are fantastic. Yesterday journey was fine. For the first 15 minutes they were a little bit disoriented but fell asleep after while. They are so funny and loveable, we can not stop playing with them.  They have good appetite, especially Ash. They use toilet without a problem. They love to play together which is such a fun to watch. You gave us wonderful kittens and we are very grateful.

Let you know in a while how they are doing and will send you some pictures.

Take care

Alicja and BenSmile

Hi Joanne,

Just a quickie to let you know that they are both fine. They have so much character and are so different but they love to play with each other especially the game of tag.

They sleep with us on our bed and love to chase the feet under the duvet. Pebbles is very quick and agile and Ash is graceful and balanced.

Pebbles will sit on you whereas Ashik sits next to you but both love a cuddle. They are so clever and understand what is going on around them. Ashik behaves like an older brother for the Pebbles. One time when she went to the toilet and had problem with covering her poo, Ashik did it for her.

It is so amazing for us to see how well they interact with each other.

We love them both sooo much. They health is fine and they develop well.

They eat dry and wet food and seem to love chicken.


Best regards for you.


Alicja, Ben, Pebbles and Ash


Hi Joanne,

I am very sorry for not letting you know earlier about the kitties, but we got married on last Saturday and had quite a hectic time with the family and staff. They are doing really well and growing very fast, especially Ashik. He is almost the size of normal adult cat. Pebbles is tiny and cute.

We worked together nice everyday routine and the kitties seem to like it very much. They wake us up and have they cuddles and strokes time, they stay at home for 4 hours when I am at work and when I come back we have a little nap together. This is especially nice because they are so soft, warm and purr beautifully. They enjoy playing in the garden and Ashik loves water, he even jumps to the bath when he hears the tap running, he also drinks from the tap and loves being in the sink. Pebbles is very friendly and follows me around but she is also more independent than Ashik and tends to be the first to discover things. They eat well, mostly chicken (kitten food) and dried food.

Next Friday we are taking them to the surgery to have them neutered and spaded.I hope that the procedure will not be to painful for them we also want to chip them while they are under anaesthetic therefore they won't have to suffer twice.


I am sending you pictures of our kitties which are not so small any moreLaughing

All the best for you.

Hi Joanne,

Just letting you know that the kitties are fine, the procedure went very well and they are recovering fast. Of course Pebbles had more complicated procedure so she needs to wear collar for 7 days but she is so intelligent that she already accepted that rather uncomfortable device. She gets a lot of love and affection from us and the best food and drink. She is absolutely incredible. Ashik is fine almost like if nothing had happened, he is playful and happy and as always very laid back. We are so grateful that we got our kitties from you because they are really very special and we love them immensely.


We are sending you our best regards.

Have a nice weekend.

Ben, Alicja, Pebbles and AshikSmile

Hi Joanne,

Thank you for your email.

Well kitties are really big now and beautiful. I am sending you their pictures in a separate email just to make sure that you receive it.

They are so fantastic, really make our life different and happy, they get older now and slowely become little adults with their own special personalities. They love to go outside and play in the garden. They always explore our gardens. I can not stop them and chaise them when they are outside. They really enjoy being outside listening to the noises, observing birds, demaging my plants ha ha!!!


We have a little plumbing disaster at home at the moment. The water is dripping from the ceiling in the living room. We are waiting for the plumber to come and save us ha ha. Ashik and Pebbles will be happy because they really enjoy when we have guests especially engineers with plenty of tools to sniff.


Ok that would be all for now.


We are very grateful that you remain in contact with us.

I know that our kitties are so special because they have very good origins and fantastic roots.


Best regards from all of us

Alicja, Ben, Pebbles and Ashik

Hi Joanne,

Thank you very much for your email.

I hope that you are all fine. Yes it's been one year now Gosh!!! it's gone so quick. Kitties are doing great, they are fantastic. Pebbles is my little daughter and Ashik is Ben's son, that's how they choose ha ha!!!

We found great website from where we buy the best food for them, you will see from the pictures that they have grown so much and have super-soft fur. We found a perfect diet for them. And Pebbles loves chees and yoghurt so I have to share my breakfast with her.

We love them so much. All of our friends and Ben's parents are crazy about them too.

Once again, thank you very much for our kitties.

Best regards.

hi Joanne,

Wow such excellent christmas cards, very imaginative and sweet.

Ash and Pebbles are doing great...Ash follows me (ben) everywhere hes like half dog he even comes on walks with me hes so obedient its amazing. Pebbles has so much character she is unlike any cat ive ever known in character but she is a mummys girl but loves my strokes hehehe she has slightly longer hair around the ears than the rest of her body which is very cute. Pebbles can have pretty much anything in the way of catfood (premium only) We found royal canin to be the best but Ashik is also fond of biscuits (kibbles) royal canin too whereas Pebbles is fond or treats ........

im so glad i chose her..

Thanks again Joanne and Jordan you can tell ashiks dad i can see where ash gets his good looks from..

Christmas Wishes for the Joanna castle


Raggucci Charlotte Rose

Gone to live with...



Hi Jo,

Charlotte Rose and we are great :)

She loves to play with us, she sleeps with us in our bed, Charlotte is eating and drinking normally. She is very healthy.

Charlotte didn't cry on the way back in the car, very relaxed!!

She is very happy baby :)

We send you pictures soon.

Best wishes,

Justyna and Bart.



Hi Jo,

We send you pictures of Charlotte.

Charlotte is great and she is very very sweet.

We have so much joy with her and we are just so happy :)

We greet.






Hello Jo,

To let you know with Charlotte everything is fine.

She play with us, eats well and chicken, she is in good health!! :)

I have a few questions about her meals. I found Applaws wet food, like... Tuna and cheese cat food, Chicken and cheese, tuna and prawn, ocean fish...

I would like to know if she can eat it or if she is still too young?

I read also that Ragdolls can eat raw meat... beef and chicken. Is it true?

Does she have to eat this? she still drink her cat milk!


1st of July we have made appointments with the vet, to get Charlotte neutered!!

We love her very much, we send you more pictures :)

Thank you and best wishes,

Justyna and Bart.



Hello Jo,

We bought Litter Kwitter and Charlotte use it! She is very smart!!

When we put it on toilet after 2 hours she knew where to go.

At the moment she is on stage 2.

We love her very much!!


She is our little precious!

Zuzia, our dog, loves Charlotte as well.

They play together, they are best friends.


Can i ask do you know where we can buy Quail eggs?


We read that it would be good for Charlotte.



We are happy that you like all the pictures of Charlotte we send you.

She is very funny and take lots of funny pictures of her.

We are very happy with her, she is very healthy and playful, we all love her :)

And Thank you so much

for all of your help :)


Best wishes

Justyna and Bart.






Hi Jo :)

We apologise for not getting in touch for a while, but Zuzia our dog as been ill.

Charlotte on Friday had her neutering operation,

we have posted the neutering certificate and receipts to you.

She is very well and recovering.

Her health is very well and she grown up so very fast :)



Charlotte is not using litter kwitter at the moment using the litter tray.


Charlotte wakes us up at 5 in the morning, because she wants her cuddles.

She is so sweet and loving :) We think she is very happy with us, the same as we are so happy being with her.

We have one problem, lol, Charlotte don't want to eat fish, we tried give her many different fish, in different  form,

 but she don't like it.

Is it normal?

for a cat not to like fish?


We send to you pictures of Charlotte.


Best wishes,

Justyna and Bart.




Hello Jo & Jordan :)
We get Christmas e-mail.

Charlotte is very special girl, she's very smart, she loves hugs, cuddles.

She have lovely christmas and we spoil her very much.

Her favourite play is runing after cat laser.

She don't like play with mouse.

Always she sleeping with us in bed.

She loves so much our doughter.

Charlotte likes very much playing with Zuzia,

our doggy, they are best friends :)


Charlottes First birthday

1ST Birthday Charlotte got many kisses and favourite food.

Whole day we played and hugs her.
My mummy and nan called us and they send a lot of kisses and hugs to Charlotte.

She is very healthy and happy.
Charlotte makes specific, funny sounds. :)

Best wishes in New Year !


Raggucci Tilly Mint 



Gone to live with Kayla, Baily & Madison. 



Hi Jo,

Tilly mints progress,

She as settled in really well, eating drinking and playing.

I took her to the vets today to be chipped,

also for her first lukemia injections.



Hi there,

Just an update on Tilly,

She's settled in Fantastic, Baily and Madison absolutely love her.

At first there was abit of hissing but now it's lovely seeing them play

and all cuddle up and sleep together.

Tilly is so cheeky and spoilt, her next luekmia jab is soon,

she will be wormed again then too.

I will keep you posted on her progress.

Take care Kayla.


Hey Jo,

Tilly mints settled well and is a big part of our family.

She has gone so big and fluffy and loves to be groomed,

she is not to fond of getting her teeth brushed, lol.

Baily and Madison absolutely love her and if they are not all playing then they are all cleaning each other.

They are all spoilt rotton, they have even got their own double bed, lol.


Hey there, Tilly mint is doing great and yes your right the tree was more times on the floor, lol, but there all getting on fantastic, Tilly will be going in for her op soon, am dreading it as it just upsets me when they have to go for ops, lol... i'm just soft... and she loves water, can you believe that she loves having a bath and being brushed very strange lol, but hey ho, it's all good.

Hope you all had a great christmas and new year.

Kayla x

Tilly as been neutered... i will send you the receipts.


I have been trying to send you a photo, she is ok and very brave and getting spoilt rotten.

Hi Jo,

You are right about complications, with the op on her belly, I had to take her back to the vets because of fluid on her scar, she as antibiotics which seem to be working.

Hi Jo,

Argh... your poor cat. Tilly seems great she's eating playing and up to her usual tricks. Just a little swollen, but i let her sleep with me till her wound has healed, will keep you up to date. 

Tilly mint is doing fantastic now, all her swelling as gone and she is fighting fit again!!


Hello Jordan
Tilly Mint is doing mighty fine and still spoilt rotten she is a little bugger lol and always in mischief but wouldnt change her for the world i will send you a few pics on my phone still have not learned how to send pics via internet yet ;0) x
Kind Regards

Hello there argh thank you for the pics of tilly mints mum and dad they are lovely tilly looks a lot like her mum wow . Tilly doin great and in to all sorts of mayhem lol but makes me laugh a lot. Her coat is beautiful very long her nick name is houdini lol she can open any door even if its locked but very much loved here
hope you all have a fantastic christmas all our love
Kayla :0))) x

Raggucci Max 

Gone to live with Silviya & Iain 


Hi Jo,
Max is doing really well.
He has grown, he is having a lot of fun.
He plays by himself with his toys or whoever is available all hours night and day when he is not sleeping.
He is very confident and although he always has wet and dry Royal Canin available somehow he prefers to eat from the dogs food when they are fed. They don't mind him. It is funny how three of them eat and play together. He has been microchipped.
It is very difficult to get a photo as he never stops.
All my attemps are with either just a tail, paw or part of the ear.
It's not worth sending you one as yet.
If I get a decent one I will forward it to you so you can see for yourself how he is.
Kind Regards,

Hi there,
Just a few pictures - Max is fine,
extremely lively and happy little fella.
Kind Regards


Hi Jo,
Max has been neutered on the 29th of December 2010, just before New Year. He is doing fine. No problems whatsoever. His follow up appointment has been on the 9th of January. I wanted to send you a few pictures but I am not ready to do so. As my fax and scan currently do not work properly.

 Details of the surgery and the doctor, who has done the castration...
My pets are under the care of Companion Care, Pets at Home, Harlow, tel. 01279 770104. The vet's name is Garrick Ponte.
I will send you a few photos of Max soon.



Hi Jo,
Enjoy the pictures.
See how they have both grown.


We bought Max from you last year. He was neutered in December and has grown into a stunningly beautiful young cat. Unfortunately we will be moving soon and it is not possible to take him with us. We want to find a good home for him bearing in mind that he is and indoor only cat who needs and craves a lot of attention and companionship. We have asked friends and family, our local groomer and will place an ad on gumtree. We have had interst but no-one suitable yet. Do you have any advice? We want the best for him.


Iain and Silviya Johnstone

Hi Jo and thank you for your e-mail. Due to personal circumstances we can't take Max in the new house. To be honest with you I don't want to go any deeper in the reasons as it is painful enough to see him going. He is a lovely kitten and does not have any problems or worryies. I really feel bad that he needs to be rehomed...
We are not asking for any money. In fact he is coming with a lot of food, activity centres, scratching posts, carrige case, grooming equipment and shampoos, different toilets and litter. May be there is supply of food for at least six months. His vaccins are up to date. And we hope that he will be taken by people (person) who will care and love him at least as much as we do.
We found a new home for the dog as well. Now she lives on a farm and the family that took her seem really lovely people. Unfortunately they did not want a cat as well so we keep on looking for the right people.
You say that you will take him back and home him.... that is brilliant but I am not sure how it will work with collecting him as it is quite a drive between us and we can't travell so far at the moment. There is a possibility of a family in Essex with two indoor cats and a dog that stays outside. They have two older children. The lady is at home all day. The cats have a free run of the house. We will be speaking to her tonight to investigate further. Be assured that we will do our best to find him the right home with your help and with your consent of the new owners you will have their details as us . We will insist on pictures of him being sent to us on a regular basis to see how he is getting on.
Kind Regards,

Hi Jo,
Have you got the emails, details and pictures of the lady who might be rehomeing Max. If you are happy with her then please let us know. Welcome to get in touch with her to duscuss Max and she would keep in touch with you and us regarding Max's progress in the future.

Dear Jo,

About rehoming beautiful Ragdoll called Max.Due to circumstances.
Iain said that you said it was ok for us to rehome him. I can't thank you enough for saying it was alright. He is a beautiful boy, and we adore him, and will love him forever. I hope you thought that our home was ok, and just to let you know again I am married, and I'm at home all day, and I have a 16 year old, who worked in a pet shop as he's work experience. He loves animals. I have your paper work.
We really do love max, and I have been enjoying playing with him. He's laying by my feet as I type. You have given us a wonderful ragdoll, and it was very nice of you, iain and he's wife to choose us. I'd like to stay in touch. So please feel free to email me when you want to. It will be a pleasure.

Thank you jo, best wishes suzie and family x

Dear Jo,

Thank you for keepng in touch and caring so much. There are very few breeders like you. You have our respect. We are sure that Max is now in a good place and we don't need to be concerned about him. Suzy has been sending us progress reports and all seems well.

Regards & best wishes
Iain & Silviya

Attached are pictures of Max in his new home.

 Hi there jo.

I just thought i'd let you know that Max that we homed is doing great. We have two climbers. One that was ours that goes to the celing, and one that they kindly gave us. Max loves jumping from one to the other and we just laugh so much at he's mad moments. he is soo funny and sooo adorable.

He loves a good ole scratch of he's climber and we cant believe how big he is.

He sleeps on the bed of a night. He loves that and purrs away. Tonight was funny , my hubby laid some lounge carpet and max was running round and round the lounge getting very excited.


He defintately had the wind up he's tail. He is such a lovely cat. we make sure he is safe and dont let him out, although he sits in the lounge window and stares at the chickens in their pen. I think he'd like to investigate there, hee hee but its something that we wont allow as he wont come back if we let him out, so were very vey careful when we open the door. we hope your well and i'll keep in touch.

love suzie and family xxxxxx

Hi Jo

Thankyou very much for your kind email.I thought that you might like some pictures of Max.


He really likes he's toys and he gets himself quite comfortable in he's climber. hee hee. Thanks again for your email, its nice to know your there for any advice.
To just keep in touch is lovely. I hope you like the photos. I'll send more soon. wow he is going to be one big boy if he doesnt stop growing til they are 3 or 4. Im very proud of him, and love he's nature . He just puts a smile on my face everyday, I just love to hold him like a baby, the fur is gorgous. He is gorgous all round.

speak soon
love suzie and family xxxxxxx

 Raggucci Leo

Gone to live with... Carly & Family

Hi Jo,

Leo was very good, didn't like the carrybox much, but is happy and cosy at home now.

He has ate, and drank and played in his litter tray (I tried to explain this is not what he is supposed to do in there!) lol. and he has been playing all night.

He is now asleep on my legs, so is settling in very well.

Thanks for everything and I'll keep you posted.

Carly and Leo xxx



Hi Jo,


Leo is doing very well, he is currently tearing around the house!

He is well settled in now, a very confident and happy kitty.

The other pics you have would be fab, no rush though.


Hope you are well.

Carly and Leo xxx

Hi Jo,

Leo is doing very well, had abit of a dodgy tummy a couple of weeks ago... some food he had that was too rich for him. Other than that he is great!

He has doubled in size and is such a little character!

Hope you are well,

Carly & Leo xx




Hi Jo,

Leo is doing really well.... he is fit and healthy!

He has a Summer coat at the moment and is a really loving cat!!

Testing the rules is his newest thing, think it's a teenager thing!

He likes supervised trips outdoors and chases flies. This is his most favourite thing at the moment.

He was neutered the other day,

I will forward All the documents too you


He was very good and all healed nicely.

I have attached a photo.

Many thanks,

Carly & Leo






Hi jo,
Leo is amazing, such a gentle loving boy! I've attached some photos for you.
He is every bit the spoilt only child on our house and gets all the fuss!!
Hope you are well,
Merry Christmas






Raggucci Bella Blue











Gone to live with....

Sheralyn, Lyn & Family







Message from Lynne.

Hello, Bella as settled in very well, she is so funny she follows me around the house everywhere, what ever i am doing she is there. She sleeps on my bed, she knows when it is bedtime and follows me, running up the stairs.

She is so loving and is a real lap cat, which is lovely, as that is just what i wanted. We are very happy with her. I will send you some pics of her soon.



Hi Jo,

How are you? How was your christmas?

Bella is certainly quite a character, she is very loving and cuddly and then has her mad spurts where she tries climbing the curtains and race's round the house! The christmas tree was quite a nightmare lol!

She is doing very well and getting big now! If i could have your mobile number, that would be great, I've got some more really nice pic's of her on my phone and i can send them to you.

I hope you are all well,




Hi Jo, It's Sheralyn, Bella is well and doing great.

That is so funny, it must be absolutely mad when they all get set off on their mad moments together! I thought i would send you some pictures of Bella, i took a couple this morning as she was playing on the bed so i thought i'd grab the opportunity!

I may have to send them separate txt,

so you should receive them shortly.





Hi Jo,

I'm glad you liked the photo's, i have more playful one's i can also send to you, but she's absolutely beautiful and so fluffy now.

She gets treated like a Princess! lol.

My parents are inverse process of moving house so everything is abit manic atm,

we are figuring out a date, hope all is well.



Bella is booked in to be neutered this wednesday at 8.30, Chessington vets, we will send you all the details soon and let you know how it all went.


Hi Jo,

Just to let you know that Bella has been neutered, she got it done on the wednesday and was slightly drowsy that evening, however she seems to have made a full recovery and is back to her bouncing self, she has to go back this week just so the vet can make sure everything is ok with the wound and send over the documents. She is doing very well!

Hope you are all well,



Message from Lynne.

Jo, Please find enclosed the original documents of Bella's spay operation. I also have kept a copy. Bella recovered very well and this morning I took her for her follow up check up and the vet was very pleased with her. I hope this meets your satisfaction and if you would like us to we can keep you updated with photo's of her as she is growing up, she is a little or not so little now Sweetheart! We adore her and is well and truly part of our family now.

If there is anything else please don't hesitate to contact us,

With all my best wishes,




Raggucci Prince Titan

Gone To Live With...Maggie & Family




Hi Jo,

After spending time with the kitty, i have decided to name him Prince Titan.

On the way back home, he was cying for home, i surpose because he had left all his playmates.

I was surprised when he was settling so well into this new home, he began exploring everywhere

straight away and showed no fear, even of our other cat. He used the litter tray so quickly when

i just showed him twice.

Titan is such an adorable and very clever kitten and everyone loves him. He sleeps on bed with me

and he is now playing in the cat tunnel :)

Last but not least, i just want to say i am really thankful that Titan has entered my life.

Thank you so much Jo,

I will update you soon,

Best Wishes




Hi Jo,


Sorry for not writting for a while, Titan and everyone is well. Will be taking him to the vets for worming again on saturday.

He's grown quite alot since he arrived and the colouring is



more visable now. I can't believe is front coat is already looking really nice,

He is a Stunner indeed!!

Most of the time Titan spends time exploring and seeking for new corners in the house,


 I just don't know where he is :)


Titan loves getting attention from everyone,

following us around everywhere, even waiting for us outside the bathroom.



Attached are some pictures of him taken over this month.




Hope you, your family and kittens are well.



Take care in this cold weather


Best Wishes




Dear Jordan and Joanne,

This is the verification of Prince Titan being neutered,



I think he is not too upset after the operation.

Prince Titan is growing so much bigger now,


Look at his Long Winter Coat!!!

Hope you like the polaroid photos of him

(I have posted with his vet letter..etc)


Best Wishes



Hi Jo,

Here is an update on news of Prince Titan.

He is a good boy and is very affectionate towards everyone and every cat he meets. Titan is still like a wided-eyed kid who gets very excited easily and is super curious of everything.

I take him vets regularly and he is in good health and weighs 6kg! I guess his colouring as more or less come out now. He is Gorgeous! especially he has this little white patch at the lower part of his back, which i noticed a couple of months ago.



Jo, I would just like to thank you once again for me having Titan. Titan is so precious to me and he seriously has brighten my life ever since I had him.

I wish him to have many more everlasting birthdays.

Hope you and your cats are good too.

Best wishes,

Maggie wong.

Baby Raggucci Jlo















Raggucci Miguelito



Gone to live with...

Paula & Family




As I promised...

We are waiting on the platform and they are behaving quite well, actually they didn't say a single "meaow" until now.

They are lovely. I cant wait to see them at home!
Thanks for the wonderfull opportunity to have them here with me! Paula






Hi Joanne,
this is Jlo relaxing while I hug her and

Miguelito on the background having a nap.
We are loving them!!

Kind regards



Hi Jo,

They were absolutely fine during all journy. They didn't cry or seem stressed.

( I guess because they both had each other )

On the train they actually fell a sleep.

JLo were more curious, streaching her neck like a meerkat

to see from were all those noises were coming from. But Miguelito couldn't care less: he stayed

at the end of the carrier and slept! At home they were fine considering they were moved away

from their comfort zone. Miguelito stayed on our laps and JLo was exploring. I lewft the two

beds for them to choose, but they like more the donut bed. The tent was not really popular.

This morning i put them on my bed and they were much more comfortable with us.

(please see pics attached)


I could say JLo is more adventurous, whilst Miguelito is lazier, always sleeping.

They are eating well and as you said, Miguelito ate the wet food and JLo prefered the dry one.

I will keep you informed

Paula x

Hi Jo,

Babies are doing fine, having a lot of fun and eating well. Yesterday i went to pets at home and i've bought the previous litter, just to try and give them again.

Jlo climbed Regis 3 times yesterday and he absolutely loves them " daddy is here... come on princess, tinny Miguelito"!

I will take pic's today x

Hi Joanne,

Hope everyone is well, i was cleaning some chicken breasts and i boiled some shavings for them, what do you think to beef? I also cleaned some steaks and i kept the borders for them, should i boil it or give it raw?

Regis is now jealous about them. He said they like me more than him, hahahahaha! of course! i spend more time at home with them than him, perhaps if he came back earlier from the pub..! but i've said to him that he can hug them and be with them the whole weekend. The attached pic is of them on my lap yesterday watching tv and others from their routine. By the way, Jlo watches tv and laundry being washed.

Paula xx


Hi Joanne,

Hope all is well, Miguelito and Jlo are fine! They absolutely love wet food (Felix as good as it looks) perhaps because it looks like shredded beef/fish covered in jelly. So i give to them wet food at night as a treat and leave the dry food on the bowls during the day. I also serve kitten milk at night... so sometmes they have 4 bowls at the same time with milk, wet food and water, very spoilt kitties!

Miguelito is so sweet, he likes to be sleeping in someone's arms like a baby and purrs as much as Jlo. He also plays alot, he enjoys wrestling and give Jlo always an hard time! I just hear them in the morning running in the corridor like horses! I've also bought a scratching playground for them and they use alot. Hopefully they didn't discover our dinning chairs. They like to sit on them, but i haven't seen them scratching it.

They are very active, playful and very sweet!

My mother in law is with us for a couple of days and they go to her during the day to sit on her lap, she is a dog person, but now she is saying that her "grandchildren" are lovely and she is going to take them to Brazil!! NO WAY!!

I will send pics separately,

Paula xx

Hi Joanne,

Thanks for the pics again, Gosh! Lula was huge when she was a kitten. Their brothers are very cute, they seem very naughty! Who is the naughtiest?

I've taken them to the vets last friday, Miguelito is now heavier than Jlo. Both very active and playful. Miguelito climbs the stairs in a single shot, plays "volleyball" and according to Regis he yesterday played fetch 6 times with him. His face is getting bigger than Jlo's, he is Gorgeous! Jlo is so fluffy! Paula xx

Hi, its good to hear you have seen the other kittens, I wish i could take mine to visit you too, pity it is so far :(

Miguelito is more active than Jlo, he is very, very funny and sweet at the same time. Jlo is more a lap cat, she doesn't chase tin foil balls as much as Miguelito... She looks at it from the sofa arm as saying "Why are you doing this... You are such a boy"! lol.

Miguelito loves a rub on the tummy too and if you wrap him on the blanket as a baby he falls asleep... very cute!

Today i work in morning, so i left all food available, (a bowl of wet, one dry and water plus one milk) So they grow fast and healthy. I plan soon to get neutered and microchip at same time.

I can't help myself.... Regis thinks it is funny when he sees me talking with them like humans, saying good morning, asking if they slept well, why they are climbing my legs or why they can't wait me finish to clean the litter before they get inside :)

I will keep you informed and thank you for the help too!

Paula xx

Hi Joanne.... I hope you had a Wonderful Christmas and a Happy beginning of year. We are all fine... getting bigger and very playful. Miguelito likes to play rough with regis.

I am sending receipts etc for neutering. we did it last friday.

Kind regards and all the best for you and for your kitties.

Due To Unforseen Accidently Tragic Circumstances....

Jlo was put to sleep...

" God Bless you my Lil Flower!"

Always in our heart and thoughts,

Jo and Jordan.


Hi Jo,

Miguelito was a nightmare with the christmas tree, he played fetch with all christmas balls that were at the bottom of the tree. Now Febuary and are finding balls under the sofa, table plants... sometimes he also tried to climb the tree hugging the base and chewed a couple of fairylights too. ( i thought he wanted to look like a firefly)

Very funny because Regis was the one having a blast about it, he loves it when he is naughty! Now he decided to sleep on the top of my head and at 4.30 he wakes up and makes sure he wakes me up too to play fetch with one of his paper balls... he bites my nose and cheek. Funny that he doesn't disturb Regis because he knows that he is not going to like it!


Paula xx


Hi Joanne,
I Hope everything is fine with you and your family (including the kitties!). Sometimes I check your website to see the new babies and they are lovely.
Miguelito is now almost 11 months and he is doing fine. He sleeps on the top of my head (on my pillow) and he is very funny. He plays with empty 2L bottles, plastic bags, tin foil balls and everything that makes funny noises. Nice that his toys are always very cheap ones!
Miguelito is a nice chap and my husband loves to "wrestle" with him. He is now very vocal and talks a lot if we are busy doing something else than giving him attention. However he is not a lap cat with my husband, that hugs and kisses him a lot ( I think he gets annoyed with it!). With me he is nicer, he stays around me wherever I go, even if I'm having my shower. In the morning when the alarm goes off he bites my nose as if were saying "wake up and turn this noisy off!!"
I still want a bicolour female, but without knowing if Miguelito would be fine with that I think it is best to wait a bit more. I still miss JLo!!!
Please see attached some pics from last month.
Have a lovely day,

Paula X

Hi Joanne!

It's true! Yesterday we bought him some new toys and we are very glad he is healthy and jumping around!

He is now behaving like a teen getting moody if we don't let him go outside when I'm watering the garden!

Say happy birthday to his two brothers for him!

I was just showing my nan your website and showing her his parents. Any idea when you are getting another litter from Talulah? Let me know if you get any bicolour female. That's still on my plans!

Attached his latest pic.


Paula and Miguelito







Raggucci Blossom









Raggucci Merlin



Gone to live with....

Alyssa & Family






Hiya Jo,

The kittens are SO well behaved. They will be great in my Jewellery photos.

So i will keep you posted! I'm hoping to put some piccies of them on my website.

I will be moving into my own house at the end of next year, so will be taking the bubbies with me...

That means I'm going to have to buy my parents 2 more kittens to replace Merlin and Blossom!!

Do you think you will be having kittens around November next year? My parents are so attached

to the kittens and love them so much that i feel bad taking them away! Mums retired now and

thinks these kittens are her babies, so i can't leave her with none, when i move! I know it's a long

while away yet but i just thought i'd ask anyway.

I cannot believe how different Ragdolls are from normal cats, I love them so much :)

They're just the best breed of cats iv'e ever ever seen. Everyone loves them and now some of my

friends and clients want Ragdolls too!


Yes i design and make all my Jewery myself in my workshop, on my website look on the bespoke page. You can see a silver and gold key necklace that i made for Kate Moss recently :)

Suzi Perry, presenter of the Gadget show on chanel 5 also wore one of my necklaces on the show a few weeks ago!

There's a pic of that on the media page. I will see Kate Moss wearing her necklace in the glossy mags soon Eeeeeeek! :o

I'll update you with more pics of the kittens.

Alyssa xx




Morning Jo,

Really pleased you like my website, the dark side heart necklace, is my best seller,

was in Marie Claire Magazine in July.

Well about the kittens, Merlin is getting the cream colouring on his face, both kittys colouring

as come out more now. That's great news re..the kittens, as long as i know you will be having

some more kittens at the end of next year, i don't have to worry! My parents will be devastated

when i take these two away when i move out. They will be after blue bi-colour again

(Two of them) I would never have one cat on it's own again now....

The more i think about it the more Cruel i think it is!!

Have a lovely week and speak to you soon

Alyssa xx





Hi Jo,

Hope you're all well! :) Just thought i'd send over a few more piccies of the kittens...

They've grown so much! Merlin particular. The kittens love to be together!! If Merlin can't find Blossom, he walks all around the house making little pigeon noises!!

 They had a lovely Christmas and were spoilt rotten :)

Hope you like the one in their little Santa outfits.. I couldn't resist!

Alyssa x



Hey Jo,

Kittens are doing really great! Blossom came on heat before christmas, she had to be spayed as an emergency, but she is fine! Also Merlin had his man-bits done on friday, He was feeling abit sorry for himself indeed for a few days, but he is absolutely fine now!

Beleve it or not, the cats didn't even touch the christmas tree!!

Blossom absolutely loves paper, any kind of paper and is very active. Merlin is very lazy and absolutely massive!! 


I'll send you over some recent pics now,


Alyssa xxx






Awww!! Merlin's got his dad's eyes! They're identical!!

Look at the outfits, haha!! Where did you get them from!? That's soo cute!

Did you see Merlin's Frankenstein outfit!?


Where Blossom was Spayed and her fur is growing back, it's darker in the patch that was shaved, not that it matters, they did ask me if i'd rather have her done from underneath so it didn't ruin her markings, but it was a more serious operation and i didn't want to risk it!



Blossom tries to escape all the time, infact, she just did it a minute ago when my mum opened the front door! She's a little terror!! Merlin has no desire to go outside at all so we don't have to worry about him!



They're such lovely cats,

I love them to pieces and so do my parents!


They still sleep with us everynight and have a little water bowl in our upstairs bathroom incase they get thirsty in the night,

Bless them!

How are all the other kitties doing!

Alyssa xxx




Hi, Awww she's so like Blossom!!! 

How ADORABLE!! Blossoms coat is amazing, REALLY AMAZING.... but you should see Merlin's lovely big fluffy tail!!

I'll try to snap a pic for you in a sec. xxx

Gave the kitties a bath last night Blossom loved it, but Merlin wasn't too happy!

He's got soo FLUFFY & HUGE!!!



Morning Jo, 

That's ok! I like to send you little updates, they're my babies! ;-) Merlin now as a small meow! It's really quite funny, I'll have to record it and send it to you.

If you are ever down in Hertfordshire, you are welcome to visit us! :)


And yes they were waiting for me to get back home from Tesco's... so so cute!


Best wishes,









Hiya Jo 

 Oh my god!!!

I totally forgot it was their birthday today! 

I remembered last week and forgot again!!!

Wahoooo! I'm going to dress them up!! :-)

Its my 25th on thursday too! Awwwww I love them so much!

I'll send you some new pics now!x

Alyssa xx





Raggucci Arthur Pendragon



Gone to live with...

Nicola & Merlin













Hope you are all ok. I got them home safely yesterday and they settled very well, particularly Arthur. They followed each other round all evening and after settling them in their beds, I woke up to find them on the bed with me. Arthurs head on Merlins stomach.



All day long they have eaten, played chase and sleep all curled up together like the Ying ans Yang symbol. Arthur comes and curls under my chin and Merlin will stalk my toes, they seem very happy and content and when i can get either of them to stay still long enough to actually get them in the shot, I will send you some pictures.



Thanks for letting me take them home.






Hi Jo,

I am having trouble with my camera, by the time i have got the picture to take they have moved.

The two of them seem really happy and contented together, they have settled very well. They have currently booted me off the sofa and are staging kitty war play fights on it. Out of all their toys they seem to prefer the toggle of my old fleece the most and are ignoring their bed for mine, so just typical cat behaviour. LOL. 

Ihave added a few early shots and will get a few more in the next few weeks.


Nicola, Arthur & Merlin. 


Can't sleep, probably because i am making the boys a bit hyper.

I thought I would let you know how they are getting on. They have both settled really well and Merlin has his paws under the table.

They have been vets and are very well, they were so good. Everyone at the vets is in love with them.

They are growing like weeds and both have an excellent appetite. They recognised the sound of the food cupboard being opened and come running. 

Their toilet training is a credit to you and their cat mums, as we have had no accidents at all and I quickly moved over to the covered loo, I used with Spike, as they are always following each other in.

My camera could do with replacing, but I am adding a few camera and phone shots to show you how well they have settled.

Best wishes




Hi Jo,

Hope everyone is well. The boys are doing fine.

I got the boys microchip at the vet, just to be on the safe side, even though they are housecats, It will be protection. They both purred the whole way through, I was like a proud parent that my fluffy boys toughed it out.

They will go into get neutered soon and then hopefully the vet is just once a year for boosters.

Both cats have been charming my whole family. Everyone seems to have a favourite. My brother and nephew love Merlin, but the ladies love Arthur, I of course am Impartial.

My mum and sister tried to smuggle Arthur out of the house when I was not looking, but I sensed they were up to something. My dad loves whichever cat he can get to sit on his knee, he shakes alot and both cats find him facinating.

Merlin is growing so fast and Arthur is starting to get more colouring on his face. I can't capture it myself so my brother will bring along his super camera and I will send them to you.

The photos I have attatched today are mostly from my phone.

Best wishes




Hi jo,

Hope everyone in your human and cat families are ok. It's the VET day here and both

kitties have been neutered and i can pick them up soon. I find it funny how people react

when you say you are getting your cat neutered. Most men say that it is cruel, but women

say do it ASAP. Some say with boys why bother as they can't get pregnant, I say I am

being a responsible pet owner!!

The vet have said they will give me a document and I thought I would scan it in and

e-mail it to you when I get to work on monday. I will also post the hard copy and

receipts to you for your records.

Just one day without them has been so quiet and I have missed them, it does not take

long for them to get their paws on your heart does it.

Best wishes



All went well at the vets and I am back at work for the first time today. I am feeling some serious seperation anxiety. I'm sure the cats are fine. Here are all their neutering details. If you need anything else, please just let me know.


Hi Jo,

I can't believe how old the cats are now. I can hardly call them kittens anymore, as they are so big. I can barely remember a time without them.

Arthur is the first one to meet me when i walk through the door, he is developing abit of a foot fetish and will chase my toes all around the house. He is also the one who will get me up in the morning with a head butt when he is hungry.

Merlin is the one who will sit on the sofa with me and get in my lap, i have been lying in bed and he puts his paw in my hand which is so cute. Merlin adores a belly rub and Arthur loves a chin scratch, they both have a thing for water. Merlin as an amazing bushy tail and loves being groomed. Arthur is all fluffed up, when i brush him it makes his fur so plush. His markings are very interesting, they are like a tabby marking above his eyes and he has reddish patches across his back and tail and the back of his ears are like a fox.

I am impressed about how well they did on bonfire night and have barely reacted even though alot of my neighbours are letting off fireworks close by.

I have enclosed alot of pictures for you to have a look at.

Best wishes,

Nicola, Arthur and Merlin.


Hi Jo,

Merlin does make me laugh with that tail. When they see me next to the food cupboard and come running tails in the air, Merlin looks like he could pick up radio signals on his. I like to hear about Arthurs brothers, or as i call them..his knights.

Everyone keeps saying that Arthur is so pretty and even the guy selling virgin t.v couldn't get over how lovely he looked. All my facebook friends love Merlin my lovely Tuxedo cat.

I am going to take them back to wales with me for christmas and I will get lots of shots for you then and will persuade my brother and his hugely expensive fancy camera to get a few good pictures. I bet we will have a few of Arthur up the christmas tree and Merlin running away with the robins (decorations not real ones of course)

Best wishes to you and your family (human and cat)

Nicola, Arthur and Merlin.


Hi Jo,

Hope you and your family, both human and feline are ok. It has been a crazy few months around here. I am planning to move back to wales to be closer to my family, i have left my job now, I think my family are more excited about Arthur and Merlin moving in, than me.

I just can't believe that Arthur and Merlin are 1 Years Old now!! I remember when i first saw them and Arthur was a tiny ball of fluff and now he is an adult cat. WOW... as one of my facebook friends said... time flies when you are beautiful. I have attached a selection of pictures, I have been going crazy with the camera to get a shot of Arthurs blue eyes and Merlin's fluffy tail. Best wishes, Nicola, Arthur and Merlin xx




Hope the family is all well. I just wanted to touch base to say that Arthur is such a sweet content cat. I will do some serious photos next month. I cant believe he is going to be two years old soon. We had a visit from a paper character from American school. So don't worry I have not gone completely mad, yet. A few people coming round recently have correctly identified Arthur as a Ragdoll so the message is spreading. He is such a delight and loved by everyone as he is so outgoing with guests but so chilled, getting on great with our new kitty Gwen. Im still staying with my parents and they enjoy having 3 full time staff
Best Wishes



 Raggucci Rio De Janiro


Gone to live with....

Sarah, Ed & Roxy







Hi Jo,

Rio & Roxy are both doing brilliantly.

Their temperament is so perfect, very friendly and not in the least bit shy or nervous about anything.

As soon as we released them they started exploring and playing. I was worried how they'd respond to us, but after 5 minutes running about like lunatics they'd run up and purr like mad as we made a fuss of them.

Friday night they even slept beside us. No problem at all and so incredibly friendly.

Both have been eating very well, wet, dry food, kitten milk & water. Both are useing the litter box and have been very well behaved in the toilet department. LOL.

The kittens are inseparable and go everywhere together. Whenever Sarah or I sit down they run up my legs and stretch out across our laps.

Very content and happy, they readjusted to their new environments within a mater of minutes.


I'll send some pics on a new e-mail.

Best regards and thank you very much,

We're so happy.

Ed & Sarah.




Your welcome to contact us anytime, we'll of course forward on all pic's to keep you updated with their progress.

I'm so delighted with their personalities as they're so friendly and happy. 

Thank you so much for doing a great job rasing them.

Very happy and appreciate everything you've done.

Our next challenge is neutering.

Best regards

Sarah, Ed, Rio & Roxy. :)



Hi Jo,

Both cats are doing very well, they are very affectionate and happy.

Rio lets me brush his coat everyday even trusting me to pick the sleepy dust from between his eyes. We,ve now sorted insurance and Sarah as enquired about neutering at the appropriate age.

The cats seem very happy together and we're so pleased we had Roxy as a companion for Rio as they're inseparable and go everywhere together.

Thanks Jo,

Best regards




Hi Jo,

Just a quick update on Roxy & Rio, both are doing fantastic.

Took them to the vets, were fine and the vet said, they'd been two of the most calm and well behaved kittens she'd seen.Lol.

We'd taken them out in the car the night before so they'd acclimatized to the travelling, Think they actually quite enjoyed the adventure as both seemed fine.

Rio & Roxy have both been great together, sleeping with us most nights and extremely happy with everything.

What i carn't believe, having owned 3 cats before, is how brave and courageous they seem. Even the vacuum cleaner doesn't seem to faze them. I'm also pleased they don't seem to show any bias towards either Sarah or myself, gladly falling asleep on either of our laps.

Very happy.

Best regards

Ed & Sarah.



No problem Jo,

Like I said before, you're always welcome to contact us and ask about the kittens.

I said to Sarah at the weekend, we couldn't have wished for better cats and i'm so glad we chose you to buy them from. :)

Ed & Sarah.




Hi Jo,

Kittens are just Purrr'fect :)


Yes, they did and are fit and healthy. I find it quite amusing taking them as Rio was purring his little head off at the vets. I thought cats were suppose to hate going to the vets, but Rio absolutely loves the experience. LOL.

Both are so loving and affectionate. They really are the most wonderful pets and Sarah is totally besotted with them. Honestly, she carn't bare to be away from them for more than a few minutes. LOL.

Were now looking for hoilday destinations that are cat friendly as it looks like they'll becoming along for the ride.

Thought you might like to see some recent pics of Rio & Roxy.

Kindest regards




Hi Jo,

Just a quick message to let you know that i took Roxy and Rio to the vets

yesterday to be spayed. They are both recovering well and relaxing in the conservatery.




The vet has given me a letter to post to you, which shows that

Rio has been Casrated and i'l send all details and receipts.




Hi Jo,

Rio and Roxy are well, still very friendly, loving, affectionate and well behaved. Whenever i have visitors they are the first to run to them for affection. They sleep with me everynight, purring madly and padding with their paws. They spend most evenings curled up on my lap on the sofa in front of the T.V.

The quality of life that they give me has been Fantastic and i look forward tospending my time with them.


Thank you again for them both- the pair of them are very close and are

inseperable- Rio even cries out when Roxy goes upstairs as he can't see her and goes looking for her.

Please could you let me know when you bred anymore kittens in the future as i have friends and relatives that would very much like a future purchase.

Many thanks,

Sarah, Roxy and Rio.




Hi Jo,

Thank you for your lovely message, I remembered it was Rio's Birthday :) both him and Roxy have been thoroughly Spoilt with toys and treats. We are having lots of time together this evening, playing with their toys and they both like to cuddle up to me on the sofa. I have even made them a salmon and tuna tea, for there Birthday :)

Rio is very very affectionate preferring to sit in my arms purring and padding most evenings. Roxy loves having her head stroked and meows with delight when you do :)

she sits on my lap.

Again so grateful that they are so loving and affectionate.

I will take some recent pics later and up load them for you and also give them a kiss from you :)


Thanks for your message


Sarah x


Hi Jo

Thank you for your lovely message. I showed the cards / pictures to Roxy and Rio on my iPad :) they loved them.

Both are so excited - they have 1 large stocking full of pressies each,

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

With love from

Sarah xx Roxy and Rio xxx 


Hi Jo
Just thought Id send you some recent pictures of Roxy and Rio :)
They are such beautful cats and I am so happy with them. Entered both in a recent cat photo competition at Pets at Home.
Hope you are all well
Lots of Love
Sarah, Roxy and Rio

Hi Jo
Thank you for your really lovely message :) ... Yes they are 2 years old now, we have so far been celebrating Roxy and Rios 2nd birthday all weekend :) they have had lots of new toys and treats
Thank you for your birthday wishes
Sarah, Roxy and Rio x




Raggucci Bluebell

Gone to live with...Elsa & Family


Hi Jo,

Just to let you know that Bluebell has settled in really well. She didn't seem to like the journey home much but once we got home, she had a little sleep and then had an explore!

She loves playing with the boys on her stratch post (It has a mouse and ball attached, you can bat to her) and chasing her fluffy stick! They are so good with her, really gentle. No accidents and she has used her litter tray fine :)

She loves being groomed, she has been sat on my knee purring away whilst i combed her.

I was quite gutted though as she spent most of last night curled up with my husband, i was itching to pick her up and cuddle and play but she looked so settled, i didn't want to upset her. I have made up for it today though with lots of cuddles, whilst my husband has been at work!!

Going to the vets, to hopefully see about getting her microchip.

Thank you so much for her..... She is like another baby to me, is so nice as well that the boys will grow up with her and so she will be a big part of the family.

Speak soon,

Elsa x

Hi Jo,

Just to let you know Bluebell is well. Her and Lucas (my 2 year old) have become best buddies, he picks her up and carries her to come and cuddle her in the living room, and she just purrs away!!

I love how she follows me about the house, she is such a sweetie! I'm sure she has grown since we got her!

Thank you again for letting us have her!!


Hi jo,

Just to let you know Bluebell is doing fine.

She is so affectionate! she follows me everywhere, she even sits on the bathroom window ledge whilst i brush my teeth, then tries to play with the water in the sink! I have had to keep reminding Joesph and my husband to put the toilet seat down as i have caught her a couple of times ready to pounce in!

She is so serence and relaxed all day but she has a mad half hour around 9pm each night, where for some reason she goes totally scatty and runs round the house jumping about, then she calms down again and goes to sleep for the night... it's quite funny watching her, bless her!

She has taken a liking to my little boys hot wheel toy cars... they have given her one that is now hers to play with... Bless them! She pushes it about with her paws, but then sits looking sorry for herself by the fridge when she has pushed it under and is waiting for one of us to get it back out for her!

My eldest boy Joseph is very taken with Bluebell but he tends to let her come to him, whereas Lucas will go and find her (she has taken to going for asleep under or on Josephs bed) and bring her into the livingroom to play and cuddle.

I will get some pictures done when i can, to send to you.

Speak soon,

Elsa x

Hi Jo,

Sorry not been in contact for awhile- busy studying for my final exam for work! Plus the boys have had chickenpox. Bluebell is absolutely adorable! getting more stunning by the day.

I have got her spaying op booked in, going to have her chipped then too ( I couldn't bring myself to have a big needle in her when she was little, so thought it won't hurt her if she is under anaesthetic!)

She has started to show enthusiasm for the outdoors, so we have to be careful when we open the doors as she tries to follow us out! She often sits on the window ledge watching the birds too! She is becoming such a great companion, so loyal and loving - and such a great temperament too with the boys.

Thank you again for such a special little girl!!

Elsa x

Hi Jo,

Bluebell is at the vets having her op this morning, took her in last night. I was crying, so scared of anything going wrong :( She is being chipped at the same time. She jumped into the bath when I was in it the other day, she didn't seem bothered by the water, but panicked when she tried to walk and slipped! :D


She follows me everywhere, she is so sweet! I will be uploading a load of pics of kids etc hopefully monday (have some spare time for ones) so I will get some pics sent to you.

I am panicking as I keep trying to ring the vets to see how the op went, but the line has been engaged for about half an hour now :( Pick her up 4ish anyway so not long till she is home.

Elsa x

Hi, She is home and ok. Her pupils are massive, she looks drugged up lol!

Got to take her to be checked on monday then stitches removed the following monday. I got the form signed so will post to you with the receipts. (the cost includes the microchip on the receipt) She is meowing for some food, but the vet said to wait until later to feed her... bless her!

I can relax now she is home safe and sound x x

Hi Jo,

Just to let you know Bluebell is back to her usual self now, she is scaring me senseless bounding about though with her stitches, scared she will hurt herself!

Here are some pics as promised- in the bath, on Joesphs bed (one of her favourite places, i think it is the soft blanket) and snuggling up with Isaac (she always comes and snuggles up next to him when he is asleep on me- bless her) :)

Elsa x

Hi Jo,

Took her to her check up last night and the vet said she is healing really well, stitches out next monday, we have got one of those cone shaped collars from the vets incase she starts trying to scratch at it, as it dries and heals, but haven't had to put it on yet.

Pleased you liked the pics. Bluebell is so hard to get good photo's of, she is stunning and has some lovely 'poses' but as soon as you aim the camera near her, she moves and comes over to see what you are doing- lol!

She is really taken with Isaac, maybe because there isn't much size difference! she is long but a lovely slender build, her tail seems to have grown the most, it is so long and fluffy! She doesn't have a big appetite, but the vet said she is perfect for her size/age.

We have a sparrows nest in our garden and she is spending hours at the minute gazing at the mother flying and hopping around! Her latest sweettrick is when Matt goes to work in the mornings, she jumps up on the window ledge and puts her paws up on the window... as if to say 'bye'. 

Take care,

Elsa & Bluebell.

Bluebell sends x x x x kisses to you and her mummy and daddy!


I am contemplating whether to get another ragdoll as company for Bluebell ... would this be a good idea and would she accept another now she is older?? Bluebell is so loving I am kinda getting addicted lol!!! I thought it may also curb her enthusiasm for the outdoors ... though she seems to have lost interest in bolting for the door over the past few days, maybe the novelty has worn off! She is getting her winter coat - stunning! Will have to get some pics for you!
If i got another i would like another girl, preferably a creamy colour this time, a reversal of Bluebell!
What do you think and do you have any available??
Elsa xx


I had another go at taking some pics of Bluebell - they are not the best as it is just so hard to get good pics of her... as soon as I put her down to take a pic she wants to climb back on my knee or investigate the camera lol!
If i manage to get some good ones over xmas then I will send them to you.
We have a problem with her and washing up sponges at the minute ... she is addicted to eating them! We have to hid them in the cupboard now but if we forget then next time we go to wash up we generally find it in little pieces scattered over the kitchen floor - it does worry me though as she actually seems to eat parts of it as I can never find enough bits to make a full one once she has got it!
Oh, and the cheeky little monkey will climb up underneath Isaac's highchair and pinch his crackerbread out of his hands! Very very naughty but very very cute at the same time lol!
Elsa x


We will definately have Thumbelina Hope if that is ok. The back shot of her stood up peeping over the blanket stole my heart !!!! The pics of Baileys previous kittens helped too.
I will work on him about Holly but I can't give a definate on her as yet.
Oooh, i am sooooo excited!
Elsa x


Only me again! We have just been talking about Thumbelina's name .... we like the flowery names (like Bluebell) and think Rose / Rosie really suits her. We would like to name her Thumbelina-Rose but would call her Rosie for short. Is this ok? Just thought if you could call her that when you talk to her she may become familiar with it.
Matt is still maintaining that he is not keen on ginger cats :( though he does admit that they are pretty kittens, so if someone really wants Holly then don't hold her back. I am grateful to have Thumbelina ... I am actually pleased I have chosen her rather than a full ragdoll as she is more individual in terms of markings / colouring.
I have lost Bluebell to the boys at the minute ... she follows me about all day but since the weather has turned colder she has taken to going and snuggling up on Joseph's and Lucas's beds when they are asleep. I think it is because they are always so warm and she especially likes Joseph's bed as he has a really soft blanket / throw on top.
I was looking at xmas pressies for Bluebell and was looking at those Kong Hugga Wubba things. Have you ever had one? Just wondered whether it is something she would actually play with or not?
Elsa x


Thank you for letting us have her! And thank you for the xmas card for Bluebell, it is a really sweet idea!
Me & Lucas still have our eyes on Holly too ... I will have a go at tempting Matt over the festive period and let you know if he does give in lol! But I am over the moon with Thumbelina-Hope, I think I have definately made the right choice if I can only have one.
The fact she has the most loving nature combined with those pics really settled my mind.
I was looking at getting her a little bed but Bluebell hardly uses hers ... she prefers the settee or our beds lol! I thought instead i may go for one of those cat activity centres with the scratch posts / tubes and pedestals combined in one for her and Bluebell.
You will have to remind me which food to get her when she comes home. Bluebell went on to moist kitten food for a bit but has just gone back on the kibbles (Royal Canin 35 Indoor Longhair).
Hope you all have a lovely Christmas .... you have definately made mine!
Elsa & Bluebell & the rest of the family xxx


Hope you all had a lovely Xmas and New Year!
Bluebell is being pampered today on her 1st Birthday! Mind you, she is pampered every day lol!!!!
How is our little Thumbelina doing? ... hope she is ok and Baileys and rest of litter are still doing well too.
I cant wait to meet her! When will she be ready to come to live with us?
If she is as sweet natured as Bluebell I am happy ... though maybe not as naughty .... today she has stripped the silicon seal from the livingroom window - I dont think Matt will be too impressed when he gets home lol! She just looked at me as to say 'i'm only playing Mummy!
Speak soon,
Elsa x


Hi Jo,

Just to let you know Tiana is fine.

She is so confident and has already decided on a favourite step on the stairs and has purred her way round the house, she's now asleep on my lap after a quick wee in her litter tray and some treats.

Nala on the other hand is most put out, she has hissed at her when we came in but Tiana didn't pay any attention! Nala is now in the kitchen whilst Tiana is in the lounge and then swapping to play with Nala.

Will send you some pics soon,

Thanks x

Just a quick question.... does she EVER! stop purring!??

She slept on my head and has purred constantly! She's absolutely gorgeous!

Thank you for breeding such a lovely natured cat!

x x x 



You're welcome!

Nala and Tiana are having a ball. That pic is Nalas bed, but Tiana just gets in and climbs all over her.

They make me laugh as Tiana is almost the same size as Nala, even though Nala is 1 next month. They playfight all the time and having a whale of a time chasing each other round the house.

Glad you're both well!

Take care,

Helen x

I think she looks like her mum now, but fluffier, she is crazy! She follows Nala everywhere and cries for her if she can't find her. Her favourite game is chasing Nala's tail.

She also loves my husband and follows him round too. She is eating everything and anything she can get her paws on. I stupidly left one of those stick treats out last night on the kitchen top and she chewed through the entire wrapper and most of the stick! She will be microchip on monday and then will book her in for neutering.

She's a Gorgeous cat and brilliant with the kids. We've not had a single scratch or bite from her. Not even when my neighbours 7 and 3 year old came round. Nala hid upstairs but Tiana enjoyed the fuss and didn't once try to run away.

We all love her to bits and are so happy that she is a real friend for Nala.

Thank you, Helen x x x

Hi Jo, all good Ta!

Been on your website and seen the new babies! Oh my god, I'd love another but think Jamie would divorce me. Lol. Tiana hasn't yet had a bath but has had near misses as she likes to participate in Hollies bath night! She has also decided that she only drinks from the kitchen tap and sits meowing til someone gives in and picks her up, as she can't jump up there yet (or maybe she can and would rather get a lift!!) then we have to turn it on and she will drink from it for ages. She is so funny and meows whenever she thinks she should be getting some attention.... She is such a little diva!

Anyway, hope you're well. Enjoy the new babies!

Helen x

Pic no 2, Look at her squirrel tail!!

Do you think her fur will get thicker as she gets older? It's so soft and lovely!

Need to get her neutering date sorted before we go away. My dad is coming to stay to look after them as they are way too spoilt to go in a cattery!!

Helen x x x



Just to let you know Tiana is doing great.

Nala is being an excellent mummy substitute and grooming Tiana all the time. They are getting on really well, two spoilt kitties!

Hope you're well!

Helen x x






Tiana is as big as Nala!

Nala is quite a small cat, although she hasn't half put weight on since Tiana has arrived. She has to fight for her food now. So when she see's it, she eats it! She was very picky before Tiana came home!

I keep looking at your website and am in love with Candyhugs NKisses. Oh my god, She is Gorgeous!

We're going to orlando in a couple of months, but when we come back, I'm going to start working on Jamie to allow me to have a Raggie. Lol. It could take sometime, but will keep looking at your page and maybe one day... Lol.

Helen x x


Just wondering whether any of the kittens from Tiana's litter have had their op yet? Booking Tiana in for the end of the month. Bit worried about how to keep the cone of shame on her, especially when her and Nala run round like lunatics chasing each other!

When Nala had her op, we took it off as she kept wedging herself between chairs under the table. We had to keep an eye on her pulling her stitches, and she ended up having a reaction. Any advice on how to keep them calm and not crazy in the days after the op would be great!

In other news, Tiana is getting very big and very vocal! She is so funny, she won't stop meowing until someone picks her up and cuddles her. I'm seriously wondering whether there is such thing as a baby sling for cats! lol. She is stopping me from doing any housework (what a shame!) as i have to carry her around all the time.

She still loves her food and even though she's a little bit bigger than Nala now, she will NOT even attempt to jump up to the sink! she is such a diva!

We had to laugh the other day as Hollie dressed up in a cat costume she had at halloween, well Tiana was terrified of her, until she took her ear headband off! I put them on and she hissed at me, ears have now been banished to the top shelf in the kitchen, so she doesn't get spooked again!

Anyway, hope you're all well and have more fluffy kittens on the way!

Helen x x


Just picked up Tiana from the vet. Poor thing is sore and hates the cone. Have had to put it on her as she was tugging at her stitches right away. Abit of hissing with Nala.... funny cats! Hoping she will stay calm tonight and tomorrow before she goes back for a check up on Thursday. Poor Tiana! She has managed to get the cobs off once already. Any Ideas on how to keep it on? xx

Ah, thanks, She's getting lots of attention tonight and is sleeping on our bed at the mo. Will see how she goes later.

The vet said how lovely she is but she didn't stop meowing the whole time! They rang me lunchtime to say she was starving! lol. They never did that with Nala! xx

Hi Jo,

Yes she's feeling much better today, and is eating and drinking, so all good! Nala is more amicable today too, so that's also good!

Will send on the contract neutering certificates as soon as possible.

Hope you're all well,

Helen xx 


Raggucci Phoebe Moonliten 



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