Ragucci Snowdolls


The first time you see a Ragdoll you will be amazed at their Beauty,
the kittens are soo Soft & Fluffy, so Adorable!  But this breed is
different to other cat breeds, as with the Ragdoll when they mature
they just become more & more Beautiful, they get better & better with
age. The day you first see your kitten, as no resemblance to how it will
look at a few months old, that kitten will change again looking more &
more beautiful until he fully matures at 4 years old. Where he will
look Stunning! A Ragdolls temperament is what it is so famous for.
A neutured kitten will develope into a much more fluffy adult Raggy.
As kittens they are so inquisitive and full of life, but as they mature
they become more loving and follow their owners everywhere. Ragdolls
are so gentle & laid back, they are the idea house pet, so loyal to their 
owners. They have puppy like characteristics. 
Pawscha and her son.. Romeo Of Raggucci.
 Colours & Patterns:
There are 6 basic colours 
Seal ....... Dark BrownColour
Blue....... Dark Bluish Grey 
Lilac .......Pale Bluish Grey
Red .......... ( Flame ) Ginger
Cream.....Lighter Shade Red
Chocolate ..... Lighter Brown
There are 5  patterns
Colourpoint .....The points of colour are the legs - paws, their tail
the points of the ears & the face.
Mitted .... Same as colourpoint, except the back legs, front paws
tips are white also a white chin & chest.
Bi Colour .... The face is coloured but as a white upside down ' v '
shape covering the nose & up the middle
of the face & all 4 legs, top to bottom
should be white with a pink nose. The
body is white with a shade of colour.
Torti ........ No tortie is ever the same in looks, they can be colour-
point, mitted or bi colour & tabby. They
are females only, they have shade of cream
& beige on their bodys with splashes of
seal, blue, chocolate or lilac on the points.
Tabby/Lynx ......They have shades of colour on their body with
darker stripes on their points, they have
white inside their ears with a pink nose.
They can be colourpoint, mitted or bi colour.
(Governing Council  Of   The Cat Fancy)
All Gccf Registered Kittens Will Leave Us;
Gccf Registered,
Micro chipped,
Vet Checked,
Fully Wormed,
Litter Trained,
Weaned On Solids,
Vaccinated At  10 Weeks &  13 Weeks
Against  Flu & Enteritis.
New Owners, will need to sign a;
Legally Binding Kitten Sales Contract,
Before they can take any of our ragdoll kittens away.
The contract must be signed to say that the kitten,
Will be kept indoors and not caged outside,
Cared for and kept in good health,
Vaccinated -boosters
and Wormed.
Anyone who as purchased a pet/show neuter,
Must get that kitten neutered/spayed, as agreed...
 Kitten Leaving List
All Registered kittens will leave here for their forever homes, with their;
4 / 5 Generation Pedigree Certificate,
Micro chip details,
Neutering certificate with kitten pics and micro chip ID on...
(Unless already neutered by us before they leave)
Vaccination Card / Health Booklet,
(Will be fully wormed & frontlined)
Diet Sheets & Kitten Information,
Transfer Of  Ownership Document
(if on active register)
 4 weeks free insurance, with petplan.
Pet Only... 
Your Transfer Of  Ownership Document Will Be Sent To
You Upon A Receipt Of  A  Signed Certificate From
YourVet(A  Legally BindingContract Signed By
YouWhich YouWould Have Agreed To Before
You Decided To Buy A Ragdoll Kitten) If
You Want To Buy A  Kitten From Us,
You Must  Agree To Neuter / Spay-
YourChosenRagdoll Kitten And
You Must Send  Proof  From
Your Vet ... Stating That
You Have Done This


Each Ragdoll Kitten Takes One Of These Gift Packs
With Them When They Leave Here To Their New Homes.
Kittens ... Which I Sometimes Advertise For Family Members... Who Have Used My Stud, Will  Also Receive A Smaller Welcome Pack To Take Away)
All Gccf Registered Kittens Will Leave For Their New Homes
From 13/15 Weeks Of Age. (This is the Gccf guildline rules)
Ragdolls Are A Very Trusting Breed !
And Make Easy Targets For Being Stolen,
And So Are Strictly Indoor Cats.
(Though this suits them perfectly due to their laid back nature)
Ragdolls Thrive More With A Feline Friend
It Is Kinder To Have Two Kittens
As They Crave Feline Company!
If You Are Interested In Any Of
Our Kittens, Please E-Mail Us
Through The Contact Us Page. 

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