Ragucci Snowdolls




Mummy, you tried in vain to pull me through,
But there was nothing more you could do. 
You knew that i was growing weak,             
And pain kept me from my sleep.                 
You did for me what must be done,               
You knew this battle,i could not have won.
I know your sad, I understand,                    
But don't let grief, stay your hand.              
For on that day, more than the rest,              
Your love for me, stood the test.                    
You didn't want me to suffer so,                    
The time had come, and you let me go.           
You stayed with me til the end,                     
To me you were a true friend.                         
You held my paw and gently spoke to me,   
Until no longer, my eyes could see.              
I know that you didn't want me to go,         
It was my Illness that took me so.              
I tried to hang on with all my might,           
But i just couldn't win this fight.                
I am at peace now, my soul at rest,              
For with your love i was so blessed.             
So there is no need for any more tears,       
Please listen carefully, be all ears.....       
For, there is no pain, i suffer not,              
Now those past few days, I have forgot.  
So put these things out of your thought,
I know my life here, was cut so short.       
But in your memory i now live on,              
And the fear now, as all gone.                     
I know in time you will agree,                     
It was the kindest thing, you did for me. 
Although my tail its last, has waved,       
From pain & suffering I have been saved
Please don't cry, that it was you,               
Who had to decide this thing to do.           
Remember not my fight for breath,            
Do not dwell upon my death.                      
It's all okay now, I have no fears,             
Don't let your heart hold anymore tears.
Don't remember me as i lost my fight,       
Remember Me!  Little Twilight.            
The twinkle that is in the sky,                    
The shadow that is flying high.                 
Just remember all the good old days,        
Remember my little shy ways.                   
Or when i was asleep, my little twitch.   
        Or my funny expression, when i had an itch.
Remember how i flopped in your arms,  
And how you couldn,t resist my charms.
             The way you'd stroke me, always made me purr,
            And the tickles on my tummy, made me quiver.
How my little toes would all curl up,     
And my whole body would, just lollop.
        These are the times, i want you to remember,
Not for those tragic days in December.
 Though my paw prints,i no longer place,
I still presence you with my grace.          
You may not see me on the top stair,        
But be careful mummy, for i am there.    
For i am here, i'm still with you,               
 Playing with Tipsy, Baileys & Talu,    
Custer, Eclipse & Moo Moo,                
And yes of course now, Pawscha too.    
Though i may be out of sight,                    
I'm always here,     
Ur Lil Twilight.     
         Blue Paws
 Twilight Our Blue Colourpoint
R . I . P.
Forever Missed & Always in Our Thoughts.
You've left a Huge Paw Print in Our Hearts Baby.
    We Will Always Love You!     

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